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Mobile Field Manager
Remote Labor and Equipment Costing

Mobile Field Manager is a tool for collecting information from the field and feeding it directly into back office systems.

Track any type of resource directly at its source.

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Mobile Field Manager allows resource information to be entered, costed and approved directly from a PC, laptop, smartphone or other mobile device. Information tracked can be in terms of time, units or currency expended for Employees, Equipment, Materials, Subcontractors, Field Units or other resources.

Information entered includes the time spent, details such as job and cost code and any applicable notes. All costing information can be validated during entry against an integrated system, eliminating costly errors.

Time for employee resources can be tracked using Mobile Field Manager on a mobile device. Groups of resources can also be tracked by a foreman or manager.

Employee resources can clock in and out using an integrated time clock for Mobile Field Manager This method automatically calculates time based upon events, allowing time to be tracked more precisely than with manual entry. Use of biometric authentication can help to further eliminate costly mistakes and fraud.

A digital timesheet is created for each equipment resource, allowing each to be managed much like a foreman would manage a crew. This type of entry can be performed in an online and offline environment.

Equipment resources can be clocked on and off of assignments. Events are visible in real-time, allowing current assignments to be viewed for a particular resource. This feature automatically calculates time based upon events, allowing time to be tracked more efficiently and with greater accuracy.

This integration retrieves GPS location and utilization wirelessly from mobile equipment using the GlobalTRACS® system from QUALCOMM®, Inc.

Just as with employees and equipment, subcontractors are resources that come and go from the jobsite. Mobile Field Manager gives you the tools to record when they are on site and what they worked on.

Mobile Field Manager allows Field Unit Reporting to be performed when and where the work happens. Resources can be tracked by an applicable unit of measurement, or units completed. Like all other types of entry, unit records can be fully cost distributed.

Entry Code types allow expenses to be charged by resources using multiple currencies. Just as time can be entered against a resource, expenses can also be tracked using configured entry codes such as each and per diem.